World’s longest motorbike ride to spread autism awareness

A Qatari national who was formerly a police officer, will start the ‘World Autism Ride’ after the Eid al-Fitr holidays. “We will start the world’s longest motorbike ride from Turkey to Germany and then to the US,” Jassim al- Maadeed, told Gulf Times.

The ride was originally scheduled to be launched last summer but got delayed because of the unjust economic blockade on Qatar, he explained.

“The Qatar autism ambassadors are ready to go through the ultimate test and show their strong will by travelling the world on their motorbikes, visiting leading autism centres. This ride might be the first of its kind for charity and autism awareness purpose,” he continued.
According to al-Maadeed, most families do not have the right information about autism and how to treat children suffering from autism.

“The objective is to take Qatar into the worldwide autism charity and to spread the knowledge about the condition which can happen in any family. Unfortunately nine out of 10 families don’t have the knowledge of how to deal with autistic children, in fact they look at it as a disease, or some kind of illness when it is simply a special case happening to one out of 58 people yearly” added al-Maadeed.

Source: The Peninsula