Zerkeet Film City And Desert Sculpture

In  the desert of the Brouq or Zekreet peninsula, not far from the sea, you’ll find a real ghost town.  No one lives in it and yet it is well kept. It is called Film City, and is a purely artificial city. It was built for an Arabic TV series. Close by is another ghost town: Mystery Village which was used in the same TV series. Despite the long drive from Doha (80 km) it is relatively easy to reach with a 4×4 car. Wildlife in the neighborhood (Oryx and ostriches) is a delight for kids and offers great photo opportunities.  If you are on a short stopover with Qatar Airways in Doha, and like adventure, this is one of the most picturesque places to discover. You just need to rent a 4×4 or have friends who take you there.

The landscape of the Zekreet peninsula has a unique and fascinating geology. Salt flats, plateau rocks and open desert dominate this scenery. There are no sand dunes here, but bizarre rock formations and great views over the blue waters of the gulf. Shortly before reaching film city you will drive up a slope and see the buildings in the distance. The walled city is rather the size of a village, yet it does feature a main gate and city walls with guard towers on the front.

You can park your car in front of the main gate and enter on foot from there. While nothing is authentic, the buildings show how a traditional village in the region might have looked in the past. For the best view continue through to the back and climb the stairs to a covered terrace overlooking the houses and the green oasis in the back.

There is a small shop that sells potato chips and bottled water / soda. If you are looking for the wash-rooms ask the shop clerk for directions.

Film City was built for an Arabic TV series called Eyaal Al Theeb (Arabic: Sons of the wolf). It tells the story of a tribe living in the village of Eyaal Al Theeb, which is Film City. The main plot is a fight with the neighboring tribe: Eyaal Al Ghadab (Arabic: sons of anger).  The latter tribe is living in a nearby village called mystery village . It features a famous mushroom-shaped rock-pillar with a hut on top. If you are curious about the series, check out one episode on this YouTube video.

Source: Off beat Qatar